About Chic Rebellion

It happened right about the time she called her a “bitch.” No, actually, it happened right after she tried to rip the other girl’s ear off, leaving scratches and trickles of blood behind.


I changed the channel and tuned out after being disappointed by yet another TV show targeting women of color that had spiraled into a whirlwind of “bitches” and brawls. “They hate us,” is all I could say.

It was at that moment that I decided to stop saying something and decided to DO something. To move. To create a space. To build a platform. To spark a movement! ChicRebellion.TV is that movement — a global Internet TV network created by a woman of color, for women of color, with LOVE.

We no longer have to depend on traditional media outlets for the content we crave; we got this! And our network creates, curates and syndicates original web series and videos that celebrate you — crazy, cool, bold, ambitious, complex, incomparable: YOU.

Women of color are more than the catty images we’re force fed from most reality TV. We are more than the one-dimensional images of beauty we see in many magazines. We are more than the stereotypical characters we often suffer on the big screen.

At ChicRebellion.TV, we know you. We understand you. We are you. And ChicRebellion.TV is here for you. Not here and there, sometimes and maybe. All day, every day, here!

ChicRebellion.TV is your network. And you deserve it, beautiful. Now is the time to TRY SOMETHING YOU!

With love,

Founder, ChicRebellion.TV

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